Product Specifications

Dimensions: 25.4 x 32.7mm (1.02 x 1.29 inches)

Weight: Less than 1oz

Designed for: Macintosh


The visual representation of Apple silicon, as shown in the image, is a stunning display of vibrant and dynamic colors, each thoughtfully designed to distinguish between the different chip models.

The M1 series features a captivating blend of pastels and rich hues, with the M1 Ultra standing out in a kaleidoscope of colors, reflecting its advanced capabilities.

The M2 series continues this trend with more defined and bold shades, showcasing a sophisticated gradient effect.

The M3 series, albeit with some unannounced models, maintains a sleek and modern palette with deeper and more intense colors, hinting at enhanced performance.

Finally, the newly introduced M4 chip is marked with a striking mix of blue and yellow, symbolizing innovation and the next leap forward in Apple's silicon technology.

Each ring's unique color scheme not only helps in easy identification but also embodies the technological prowess and aesthetic finesse of Apple silicon.